Gold Calming Pet Cuddler Bed

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Calming Pet Cuddler Bed 

Why You Love It:

  • Super soft, comfortable and calming.
  • Curved shape designed for furbabies who love nestling into a ball.
  • Stretched faux fur surrounding your pet providing a warm, cozy, and luxurious feel!
  • Boosted elevated edges for your furbaby to support up their head.
  • Suitable for small pets such as cats, rabbits, and small dogs.
  • Light-weight portable.
  • Easy for transportation and convenient to carry it in the car.

Why We Love It:

Get prepared for the most comfortable slumber! Every furbabe is the perfect snuggle bug! Surely your furbaby will love cuddling up in our Calming Pet Cuddler Bed. This comfy, plushy, and curvy design is perfect for pets who love coiling up into a ball! Our stretched faux fur creates a warm and comforting environment. The boosted edges are a supportive yet soft spot for your pal to rest their furry head. The bottom of the cozy pet cuddler bed is designed with high-density fabric and anti-skid sticky beads, that are waterproof, non-slip and moisture-proof. Your lovely pet will love our curvy pet bed for a comfortable sleep.

It’s a chic compliment to any home décor!

SIZING: ***Please refer to the sizing guide to select the correct size for your pet


XXS: 15 x15 x 6; up to 4 lbs

XS: 19 x 19 x 7; up to 8lbs

S: 23 x23 x 7; up to 16.8 lbs

SAFETY: Do not allow pets to chew on accessories. Embellishments can cause choking in pets. Wear and tear will naturally occur over time, so keep your pets safe by checking your items regularly and replace when necessary.

WASHING: We usually recommend hand washing. If you want machine washing, please simply wash in a cold, gentle cycle separately (no bleach), and let the bed thoroughly dried in dryer directly.

Please note that you must use the low heat. It will affect the bed if you use higher heat.

Warm Tip

Our packages are vacuum-compressed. Upon receiving your product, please open the package after and adjust it manually to make it inflate. In order to give your pet a more comfortable environment, please choose a comfortable size. Additionally, please shake your Calming Pet Cuddler Bed and put it for 1-2 days when you open package because it made from soft polyester filler and use plenty of padding.